Testing the final prototype

As you know, we’ve been testing Ziphius, and on our last post we said we would have new photos and info about the final prototype. Here you have it. We’ve made some changes regarding size and form. The major visible differences are: Easily replaceable motors; Protection in the turbines for children safety; Right turned and […]

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Ziphius final prototype - white background (profile)

Ziphius final prototype

The moment we’ve been waiting for is here. This is Ziphius last prototype. We intend to use the September days to do some testings to make sure everything is topnotch. Soon we will have more pics to show you. Next step: steel mold production. Let’s go! Via Ziphius blog

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Ziphius @ Lisbon Mini Maker Faire #3

With more than 5.000 people registered online to attend, the first Lisbon Maker Faire is set to be an one of a kind event in the city. Be sure to visit Ziphius stall tomorrow from 10AM to 10PM and from 10AM to 8PM on Sunday. Despite the fact that you will have the chance to know  Ziphius and meet […]

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Ziphius @ Lisbon Mini Maker Faire #2

The Lisbon Mini Maker Faire starts tomorrow. Makers, fans of the maker culture, curious minds…  everyone is welcome to visit and attend the various talks and workshops happening during the day. António Câmara, YDreams and Azorean president, is going to present a talk at 3PM named “Developing ecosystems of intelligent objects” in which he focuses on the tools available to develop […]

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Lisbon Mini Maker Faire logo

Ziphius @ Lisbon Mini Maker Faire

No plans for the next weekend? Now you do. If you’re in Lisbon, head to Parque das Nações and visit Maker Faire, where Ziphius will have its own tent just outside Pavilhão do Conhecimento. Register online (tickets are free) 19th September – from 10AM to 6PM (Workshops, talks)* 20th September – from 10AM to 10PM (Exhibition) 21th […]

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The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup

Boyan Slat has made what everyone believed impossible a reality: his Ocean Cleanup aims to get money for the first prototype of floating barriers that will clean the plastic gyres from the ocean and then recycle them. Amazing how a concept like this can flourish from a 16 year boy vacation to Greece! After talking at […]

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Ziphius final prototype in the waves

Like a virgin ♫

We went to the beach to see how well the new version of Ziphius handles the waves! This unit was quickly assembled to go into the ocean. Touched for the very first time. We will keep you posted. 🙂 Via Ziphius Blog

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Ziphius article on Droning Skies

Ziphius gets a great review at Droning Skies

We were beyond happy to know that our drone Ziphius received a 89 out of 100 rate on the website Droning Skies. Thanks a zillion!  

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Vinod with Ziphius - When traditional tools aren't working

When traditional tools aren’t working…

…we go further and further to try and solve problems, pushing the limits of imagination. Happily, Vinod has already dropped the stethoscope, meaning Ziphius is good and healthy. Via Ziphius blog  

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Pedro Brito testing the software devices - Brito's Mobile Heaven

Spying on #2: Brito’s mobile heaven

Brito has been snapping up and using every mobile device we have in our office… An app must suit every existent equipment. I ended up finding him in a room testing the app for each piece of software. Oh boy, look at all that paraphernalia! Via Ziphius Blog

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